Die Unsichtbaren

Directed by Matthias Freier

Produced by Rejell, Neue Bioskop

Distributed by Weltkino

Released in 2023


Animals Army

Directed by Isabella Hoffmann & Felix S. Hoffmann

Produced by Handwritten Pictures – a label of X-Filme Production GmbH – in cooperation with Dough

Released in 2022



Directed by Max Hegewald

Produced by Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Released in 2014

Recordet with German Film Orchestra Babelsberg


So weit und groß

Directed by Carlo Modersohn

Produced by cm FILM

Released in 2011


Directed by Christian Weisenborn

Produced by Kick Film

Released in 2014

Gute Monster

Directed by Julia Zimth

Produced by Charamsa Zimth

Released in 2021

In this award-winning musical drama-comedy from Germany Fritzi wants to catch her husband’s drug dealer. She needs money for a private rehab: for the in-patient detoxification of her addicted husband. The drug dealer, a small fish who wants to get out of drug trafficking himself, needs money to support his sick father in a nursing home. Together they hatch a plan to screw the “big boss” and get hold of some money. For Fritzi, the most exciting 24 hours of her life begin, during which she witnesses a murder, falls in love, gains great insights and at the end has to decide, with a bag full of cash, whether she really wants to save her husband? And this after everyone has sung their way through the big question, whether love is enough to save someone?


Directed by Jakob Gross

Produced by Fink Films

Released in 2015

Tarantino! The Musical?

Directed by Jean-Luc Julien

Produced by Anika Films

Released in 2019

Two actors are thrown into an emergency situation when a desperate woman demands their help in this fast-paced Tarantinoesque comedy.